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Our founders are dedicated to do the beauty industry a safer place

Flytande bubblor

In late 2021 a group of leading clinics have decided to form a Nordic Association of Aesthetic Medicine.  The purpose was to create a safer and ethical foundation and also to set of common basic values for working and learning in the beauty industry. 

Do you want to support and become one of founders? 


  • We have  challenges as regards the industry reputation – among consumers and in the

medical profession

  •  Problems with disreputable actors in the Nordic countries 

  • Difficult for consumers to know who to contact for advice regarding medico-legal issues and choice of treatment procedures

  •  Lack of sufcient and relevant regulation

  • Challenges for clinics to find the right competence when hiring


  • A broad political interest in fighting work life  related criminality

  • Professional suppliers with qualitative products and a core group of reputable clinics led by medical doctors that want the industry to flourish

  • Possibility to cooperate and interact with relevant authorities with the intention of ensuring good working practice quality and establishing guidelines regarding aesthetic medicine in the Nordic countries

  • In other parts of the world, aesthetic medicine is more prestigious with a higher standing –potential for a growing market also in the Nordics

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