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Certification process

Our organisation is based on non-profit work. To be able to certify your clinic and your staf you need to become a member first. Dentists, nurses and doctors can be an associated member. Clinic membership application is made by your Clinic owner.  When this process is finished you could put up the sign and let the clients know your exclusive status.


Associated member

Nurses, dentists and doctors be part of something bigger. As a group we will be able to change and strengthen our position.  

1500 sek/member /year 

Clinical membership

Be part of the organisation by seeking membership. Clinic owners can seek  clinical membership. Send us your details to get more information.  

Academy member

As soon as you become an associated member you can soon log in to our academy site.

Certified academies will present the latest workshops and courses. Earn NAAM-points every time and grow your knowledge.


In every organisation there is a need for people who wants to participate and do even more. We need to have founding clinics to achive our goals. If you are a doctor and interested to be one of the founders don´t hesitate to write us a mesage. 

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